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June 2020: Over the past couple of weeks, we have seen that’s it’s not enough to be a non racist, we must be actively anti racist. As someone who holds music so near and dear to my heart, I understand that most of my influences, as well as music in the United States, stems from Black American music. So combining the two sentiments of anti-racists and being a dedicated musician, I’m selling products on RedBubble to promote (insert instrumentalists here – including vocalists) Against Racists. The products include t-shirts, stickers, masks, mugs, water bottles, tote bags, tapestries, etc. I’ve included the text in both black and white, for darker backgrounds, knowing that a lot of musicians are told to wear black for gigs. The funds that I make from the products sold will be donated to Black Lives Matters charities. 

As musicians, let’s rise up against racism and create beautiful music.

The shop includes instruments such as bass, guitar, piano, and even vocalists! Click the link above to be taken to the shop!

There’s also ___ for LGBTQIA+ Rights products as well! Pictured below are some examples!

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