Piano Men Prima Lancaster.jpgThomas is a high-energy individual with an infectious passion for music. An enthusiastic team leader, he is able to communicate effectively with people of all ages and backgrounds to work collaboratively to resolve issues and to motivate team members to achieve both personal and organizational objectives. He enjoys learning new skills and quickly adapts to change.

A lover of all musical stylings, Thomas finds great joy in being able to express himself in the language that is music. He always tries to reinvent the way he plays and looks at music because there is never one way to approach a series of notes on paper.

As a bass player, Thomas has found himself playing in numerous pit orchestras for several years. In addition to playing in pits, Thomas works as a session musician for both recordings and live events. As a performer, he has spent many years working at theme parks, being an energetic performer who always puts on an entertaining show. All he wants to do is show up, play some tunes, and have fun doing it.”

Gear list to request on projects


  • Fender American Standard Jazz Bass V
  • Fender American Professional Precision Bass V
  • Fender Standard Jazz Bass V (defretted)
  • Fender Mustang Bass (with Hipshot Xtender tuning peg)
  • Fender Coronado Reissue
  • Shen Upright bass
  • Novation Bass Station II Keybass
  • Fender American Standard Telecaster

Other Gear

  • Fender Rumble 100 Bass Amp
  • Ampeg BA115HP amp
  • Fishman Fullcircle upright bass pickup
  • La Bella Strings
  • Walrus Audio, Boss, EHX, Dunlop, Aguilar, and TC Electronic Pedals

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